Yes, all of our products are made of the finest Murano glass by experienced glass masters.

do your products come with a guarantee?

Our products are all manufactured in Venice, Italy, and every piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our Masters use the same traditional techniques that made Murano glass famous all over the world.

What is the average lead time for a chandelier?

The usual manufacturing time is 30 working days, depending on the schedule, because our products are handmade on request.

How do you ship?

Shipping and delivery is via your national or international carrier.

We use only the best delivery systems for the appropriate destination.

Do you ship worldwide?

Of course! We can ship to every country with insured express courier.

is the packaging safe?

It is perfectly safe as every item is carefully and meticulously packed to be shipped.

What happens if something arrives broken?

The delivery is always covered by a full insurance.

If something arrives broken, you just have to email us the photos of the broken pieces and we will send you the replacements as soon as possible at no additional costs.

are the lamps cabled?

Yes, every lamp is already cabled.

Are the light bulbs included?

The lamps come with no lights bulbs included: most of our customers prefer to choose them by themselves, customizing shape and wattage.

can i use energy saving bulbs?

Yes, energy saving light bulbs may be used.

is the drop of the chandelier adjustable?

Our chandeliers can be hung directly to the ceiling or using an adjustable chain that can be provied on request.

is it complicated to set up the lamp?

Not at all, as you will fins all the step-by-step instructions included.

In case of concern, you may contact us via mail and we will provide you with assistance.

what are the possible colors?

Every color combination is available.

As well as transparent colors, every product is created once we receive the client’s customizable preferences.

can dimensions and details be customized?

Yes, through communication via email or Facebook we can customize our products to your personal selections, always within reason.

is it possible to order a model which is not on the website?

Yes, it is certainly possible.

In fact, not all of our products are online.

If you have any particular requests you may let us know and we will help to make it possible.


We accept money transfer, credit card or Paypal.


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